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Where i work they use a paint sealer called zylon. Its alittle pricey, but the demenstration they gave was amazing. The clean up crew had told me, if theres pervious wax this stuff will "evaporate it" , so youll have to reapply wax. supposable helps with swirls and faded areas and will help pervent swirls. I dont know where else you can get it, but at applewood chevy (mississuaga, automall at erin mills and dundas).

I used a cleaner wax, applyed it like it said, then used wax from bav auto. I Dont think the wax i got was the best for the cost, i ussually like eagles nano wax, it gives a nice finish.

I actually have a half opened bottle of zylon, theres only a week left to use it. After opening you have 3 weeks, if your interested I could probably just give it to you. since i wont be using it again this year.

let me know! cal
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