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With you really want the flake to pop stick with a sealant. Carnauba presents a warm glow to vehicles even if they are metallic and tends to mute the flakes more than enhance it.

You can go with a sealant like Optimum Opti-Seal, Chemical Guys Blitz or Chemical Guys Jetseal.

You can top your paint off with Optimum Car Wax. I find the combination of Optimum Opti-seal and car wax is easy to apply and easy on the eyes

BTW some glazes provide light protection while sealant provides full protection. Glazes provide light filling abilities while a sealant does not. I currently carry Chemical Guys EZ Creme glaze but be mindful it's purpose is to enhance the richness of the paint and not to hide swirls.

In all honesty to really bring the pop back to your flake you would highly benefit from a one step polish which will not set you back much.

In terms of where you can buy these items. You can purchase them from me


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