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I got mine done at AUTOLINKS. Scarborough area, Birchmount & Eglinton. Good price, good service and it only took about an hour. End result, AUTOLINKS did a great job without any bubbles. As far as % goes... the darker your interior, the darker the tint will look. I have black interior with 20% all around. It's kinda dark depending on the angle you look at it. From the outside if you look in from the same height as you would be sitting in another car, so you can see in through one side window and out the other, then you can see the outline of the person sitting inside and maybe there face. Any other angle and the windows are black as the car. I think 5% is too dark and 35% not dark enough. But it all depends on the look your after.

I've been slacking on getting some pics up. Maybe this weekend.
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