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No-start should be fairly easy to track down. Find which one of fire|air|fuel is missing. How you go about that is pretty much up to you. If you know your way around an oscilloscope then this gets a lot easier.

Pull a sparkplug. Does it smell like fuel? If not, test the fuel pump and relay. Dig up a schematic or google which relay is your fuel pump and yank it. I wouldn't recommend using a wire if you have a choice. It's best to take a high amp fuse (grab one of the spares in the fuse box) and bend the legs 45 degrees (so they're at 90 to each other), and plug into the fuse holder. It will be very obvious if the fuel pump runs - you'll hear whirring from inside and fuel rushing through the lines in the engine bay.

If it does, to test spark, plug the plug into the lead, and hold the sparkplug thread against the valve cover or something [ground] as someone cranks the engine - is there a believable, steady spark?

If all of the above are OK then you have too much air in the form of a massive vacuum leak. Check for cracked or popped off hoses around the intake manifold.

The worst case is that the timing belt blew, or your timing has shifted for another reason (like a skipped chain - not sure which the m10 has), but I highly doubt this.

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