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Please Help (New Owner): No Start Issue

Hi all,

I am the new owner of a 1985 318i. I will start by saying that I have gone through the New Owner stickies and have used the search function to get some information. That said, I was hoping you guys would please help me answer a couple of direct questions.

Here's the rundown: I bought the car yesterday. When I was viewing the car, I went to start it and it started perfectly fine right on the first go, no problems. So I left it and went to get a tow truck etc. 5 hours later I come to start it again and now while it turns over there is absolutely no way to get it firing up. I am totally baffled because I just dont see how it would start perfectly fine 5 hours before when the previous owner is trying to sell it, and now not start at all (unless the previous owner had done something to make sure it fires up)

So, can you guys please answer the following:

1. Is there some sort of trick to starting a 1985 BMW 318i that I am not aware of?
2. Is there any common problem related to this no start problem? (And specifically, is there any common diagnostic check that I should run?)
3. What do you guys think it may be?
4. How do I check for spark? How do I check for fuel? (I think this was answered somewhere though).

Thank you very much! (It is a very good looking car).
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