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Should I mix and match Michelin tires?

Purchased the car in august and it came with two brand new Michelin Pilot Sport tires up front. The rears were low but not completely toast, but now I really need to replace them.

I would get a set of four pilot sport 2s since tirerack rates them as being significantly better handling and quiter. We all know the pilots are expensive to begin with so I figured I could just add 20-30 dollars more a tire, and get the best ones.

I'm relatively poor right now with school and all so I'm trying to shop around and I've come across a nice deal on kijiji. Two Pilot sports 2 in the size I need for the rear for $500. Apparantly they've been used for 500km.

Should I mix and match or no? Does anyone have hookups on tires, becuase my buddy (member here) just paid $370 for one PS1, after tax!

I drive a crapload but the fronts are still in great condition.

Thanks for the input!
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