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*** Opening Cruise 2010: Sunday May 16th (GTA) ***

Welcome back cruise enthusiasts! I'm once again getting ready to lead us through some of the most scenic roads Ontario has to offer, and I hope you can all join in. This year's Opening Cruise will take place on:

Date: Sunday May 16th, 2010
Time: 10:30am
Meeting Place: Kennedy Commons AMC Theatre

The route is similar in length to the last couple years, which means expect to see 500km as you return back to the GTA. If you're not in it for the long haul (i.e. you want to bail early) this likely isn't the cruise for you as you will still have a very long drive back, plus all the good roads are about 160km into it (past the first rest stop). What does this mean for the driving enthusiasts? Quiet, smoothly-paved blacktop with lots of challenging and differing curves. We've never had any law-enforcement related incidents on this cruise, and I don't expect that to change...or at least hope it won't. Be on your best behaviour, especially when there's locals watching!

Important Reminders:
* Make sure your gas tank is full the morning of the cruise. Please do this prior to arriving at the meet spot. If you need to there is a Sunoco very close to the AMC, ask me or anyone else for directions to it.
* Food, food, food. Make sure you eat breakfast, as we will not be stopping for food until several hours after moving off. If you can, bring something to snack on during the trip even.
* Co-pilot. Bring a passenger along, to help you with the navigating as well as to keep you company. It's a long ride, and having someone with you will be a lot more fun.
* FRS radio. If you do not already have one of these, it can be a nice toy to have during the cruise. We will be on a designated frequency (channel 6, sub channel 9) so if you need to alert the group of something important and/or be alerted of the same, an FRS radio will be a great investment.
* A list of the turns on the route (complete with mileage milestones for each turn) will be handed out at the meeting place. Please remember to reset your odometers before we leave the meet spot, so you can follow the cumulative km guide of the map. Also, if you're pulled over by an officer, try not to give them the route please.

That should be good, my standard warning list. I'll see you all at AMC at 10:30!

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