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Hey Darwin...oh up siniora

Hey Darwin...wasap buddy...since im a little know...and you stole this little boys gonna post it on here.
I want everyone to know that you took my car and didnt give me !@#$ for it.
Now Darwin ofcourse is going to say "i drove him all over town" and that he payed for storing the car and bla bla bla...
that will not suffice...just like his moral...oh sorry..he has none.
now...I will call ur aunt whenever I want since I am sure that you still live there, she said that her self...if she doesnt like that fact....then she shoulndt have a loser live in her house...that cant seem to live on his own...
I will quit calling you when you hand over my money, and since there are provinces between us I know that you will avoid me untill last night.

so keep this up...gave you too much small as the money is...i dont like to be told week....i promise...sorry bro..god bless you....if you believe in would pay up..

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