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Originally Posted by ///MCoupe007 View Post
Ha! No doubt, between the Canadian roads and lending the car to the woman for a weekend....cough, rims are safe.
Pics on the M5 Board gauge a better perspective on the stance and overall look – super clean! I’ve had a hardon for concave rims for as long as i can remember. Came real close to picking up a set of old Rondell Type 21’s. If i were to deviate from a dish setup, concave would be my next choice. I’ve been eyeing the concave seven’s (360 Forged). At a cost of approx $2K per corner, i’d be better off kicking myself in the nads in wet underwear than dumping the kind of $$$ into a wet dream. But they’re just so damn durty!

Oh man, that was really really funny! Those concave rims are absolutely insane!. WOW! Although at $2K a piece.......yikes! Couldn't justify spending taht kind of cash unless tehy were on display in my living room!
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