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Brake Discs

So I've been lookin for some rotors for my 1997 328i, but am having a hard time finding ones that I like. I'm looking to get some performance type ones. I'd prefer cross-drilled, cross-drilled and slotted or dimpled and slotted rotors. In that order. Really, I would settle for any of those options listed as long as they will last and are in silver. I was looking at rotors before and found some nice ones from EBC, but it turns out they come in a bronze type colour which just doesn't work for me.

I have a family member that can get me cheaper parts from manufacturers if they are located in Canada, so I'd prefer a company that either makes them in Canada or has a warehouse here.

I'm not looking to spend boatloads so if they retail at like $100 a rotor thats not for me, reasonable prices. If anyone has some suggestions, pics and links would be appreciated. Part numbers would be appreciated as well.

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