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What can I say

Like I said it's business . I didn't plan on being there the whole day, neither did the mother who had her 3 year old with her waiting too. The dealer would have charged more for the work initially but it wouldn't have grown 400% without my signature and if a conflict occurred I wouldn't fear leaving the car there until it was resolved. Like I said it's business the shop is busy customers don't like waiting around. If you want them to return step up to the plate and get your hands dirty, if you have to. If return business or new business doesn't concern you because you have so much work your shop is so busy , well then my bad day, lost day in pay, get home late, not do what I wanted to or planned, story is just a little complaint . It won't affect their business, heck people complain about Can-Tire but it is still going strong. bimmerspot will always have business don't you worry it will be there for you until you stop driving bimmers. Me I'll go where I, as a customer is top priority not waiting while the shop plays with its toys. I'll pay (the money wasn't the big issue, the screw job of wasting my day was) but I won't wait while others are coming and going, and the mechanic goes from my car to the show car all day. As for the boat nobody said he can't be sucessful in fact it makes for a great impression, this guy must be good to make enough for a boat like that. After my experience I thought how many brake calipers and rotors got replaced when they were still good sensors that needed cleaning got replaced, I am a repair technician I know how the business of repairs works. Making money isn't against the law last time I checked, but if you want mine you are going to have to work for it like I did to get it. I would like to thank everyone for their input to this thread positive or negative. If bimmerspot is your choice of repair facilities, enjoy.
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