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front spoiler texture... and other noob questions

Ok, my 89 325i arrived last week in Toronto and I went to pick it up. First thing I noticed is that it drives like a tank - in a good way! I love how solid it feels. It's auto but it still is peppy - makes me wonder what the 5-speed would feel like. And I really, really wanted to open 'er up on the 401, but with all the Fantino fascists around and a dealer plate I couldn't risk it. It was just begging to be opened up...

So I did a forum search and came up with nothing on this question: do all the front spoilers have a bumpy texture on them? Am thinking this would be a good winter project: scrape / grind it all off and start again. The PO (previous owner) waxed it and there's still wax in the crevices and it looks crappy.

Also, how hard is it to find a good used 6-button display? (computer) I've been reading about the 13-button one and that is out of my range right now, but the display on mine craps out intermittently.

Lastly, who is the guy who runs Boxer2 in Mount Salem? I was driving through in my OTB (other than BMW) and saw a guy ahead of me in a blue e30 convertible with the top down. Thought this might be the guy who ran Boxer2 so I...uh...sorta...followed him for a while, but gave up. Was hoping it was him so I could stop and ask a few questions about e30s. Too much??

Anyway, it'll be on the road this week and I look forward to seeing you guys around!

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