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Originally Posted by cocacola bob View Post
Oh I'm sorry so sorry for having put "What can I say in my own perspective" The whole reason I went to bimmerspot in the first place was because of all the favourable comments on this website. Written by such satisfied and impressed customers, so just as you are allowed to crown him with a wreath of olive branches, then be prepared to be crowned with thorns. Maybe he didn't make you writeoff the day for a brake job and valve adjustment, maybe he didn't make you buy the catering truck food because the offer to get us customers a coffee while we are stuck there for the unplanned whole day the offer to get us a coffee (there was another customer there all day too) maybe that was too professional for him to do, get us a coffee with his clean hands. You want to stick me with a higher bill I'll eat it and go somewhere else. When you make me wait so you can get your employee to work on your toy and make me watch as you screw me not only out of money but time too. DID HE ASK ME IF I HAD TO BE ANYWHERE THE KIDS HAD TO BE PICKED UP AFTER SCHOOL I HAD TO MAKE ALTERNATE ARRANGEMENTS. All his customers pay for his expenses and luxuries it's part of his profit in his bill . I was a first time customer my first BMW , told him how I had heard so much about him trusted he knew E-30s inside and out a specialist. I WAS TREATED LIKE A GOLDFISH IN A BOWL . If you want to pay your employees to fix your own car go ahead, finish mine give me the bill then do what you want. PRETTY HARD TO HAND A GUY A $900 BILL IF YOU ONLY WORK ON IT FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF. First impressions are lasting walking around the building you see a rather large boat with his company name on it YOUR PAYING FOR IT. Then on the backside a bmw missing it's wheels not on blocks, sitting on the brake rotors apparently customer took too long to pick up his car. THIS ISN'T A CUSTOMER CAR THAT DISPUTED THE BILL THEN COULDN'T GET IT BACK NO NO WAY CHARLIE GOT PAID IN FULL FOR SURE FOR ALL THE WORK THE BUDDY FORGOT TO COME GET HIS CAR. TO GREEK THANG WHERE DID THE FIRST RESPONSE TO THIS THREAD GO IT DISAPPEARED IT WAS ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER. AS FOR BABY I'M IN MY MID 40s 2 KIDS and have had more experience than you will ever know when it comes to this. PAPPA NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES AND HE SMELLS PSARIA! (that's fish in greek IT'S A GREEK THING)
First off pops you know nothing of me or my experiences. I’m not an 18 year old kid either. Your complains are as shallow as the fish bowl you swim in. One of your complaints is because you didn’t have coffee made for you?? Are you serious!!! You want coffee and fancy doilies under your coffee cup and someone kissing your ass while your car is being repaired why not go to a BMW dealership?? Cause when the job is done and they finish kissing your ass and gently bend you over roll that $1800 bill and shove it in your you know what how would that feel ( Yeah cause having that done to you is a GREEK THING )
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