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Originally Posted by Robb View Post
Worst tires I've ever owned, and outright dangerous in the snow/slush (brand new as well)
Even thou the Falken 912s are listed as an all-season tire, i would consider them a summer only tire in Canada. They are not meant for snow.

That said they are a decent summer tire, only downside is tire-life although it was better than UHP tires. They have great grip, smooth ride, very quiet and they are awesome in the rain, just don't expect them to be track tires.

+1 for Allen at simply tires, I told Jay about them a few years ago. I've bought several sets of tires from them since then. They have great service, most recently i was in and out in 30mins, no waiting, with an appointment of course.

OP: You haven't mentioned anything about your driving style or habits, or wat you are looking for in a tire performance wise. Do you also plan to track or autox? recommending a tire without that is pretty useless if it doesn't serve your purpose. Don't buy tires based on price.

I went with 912s for summer tires because i plan to use something else when on the track, my 912s on 18s are for cruising DD type driving.
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