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Originally Posted by 540iM View Post
I actually went to see the car yesterday and I test drove it. The body was a little beat up and there were a lot of stone chips causing few rust spots on the body....perhaps typical of car in its age...

Marcus, the guy selling the car, was getting calls left and right from all over..including the GTA and Montreal. Although the body was not as promising as it showed in the pics I was still interested.

I was disapointed to find out the I'm second in line out of 6 people. The first in line was a guy from Toronto and I bet he is on this forum. He came all the way from Toronto on a train paid the guy and took the car home yesterday night. I guess he deserved it...

Marcus, also owned a 2007 RS4. I established a good raport with him and manged to get a ride in the RS4. Boy oh boy...what a monster! He calls it a monster in a texido. Just Beautiful...

The search goes on for a second car...
I too was emailing him about the car. I think i was about 4th or 5th in line. basically about half a day behind in emailing him.
i almost got on a plane to go buy it (im in toronto) but once i found out a diff guy was coming by train from toronto i knew it was gone.
He seemed like a very nice guy over email.
Whoever sniped that seemed to get a nice car for the money.

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