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deep breath

Originally Posted by PinkieMoscow View Post
imola squared=infinity. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Hard top, right?

Edit: I felt I didn't sum up all I had to say. That's f'in hot.
Thanks! No hardtop, the car was actually for sale with the factory hard top included but I turned it down. I never understood why I'd want a hardtop on a summer-driven convertible, if the top is up it's only up until the rain stops.

Originally Posted by ZiMMie View Post
Love the oem look.

When are u getting GC's?
Thanks homie, getting them when a free set rolls outta your BMW parts warehouses aka garage and basement.

Originally Posted by bmwe36_5spd View Post
Nice ride! looks mint. How many km on the vehicle?
Way, way, way more than you'd think. 198k miles. It's the best condition Roadster I've ever seen though, previous owner was spending around $5k annually in maintenance. She's also an event coordinator for a BMW club, too (zbimmers).

Originally Posted by Steve30 View Post
I knew it Congrats man. I overheard you at one of the meets wanting a 2 seater but I didn't want to spoil anything haha!
Finally, someone was listening. All of my close maX friends guessed wrong, swearing they never saw this coming. Nobody pays attention!

Originally Posted by nachos23 View Post
absolutely stunning ride!!! even with all the mods I've done to my car, I'd probably leave yours COMPLETELY stock!! Can't see a thing to touch.....

have to ask you what cell phone you're using that produces such great pics.... don;t recall mine being that good!!
Thanks. Nokia N97.

Originally Posted by BigD View Post
Very nice man, congrats! You know you'll get pulled over daily now, right?
Nothing yet, even with the homemade-looking Ohio temps. We'll see how this plays out.

Originally Posted by El Gato Liso View Post
1. Where are the boxing gloves?
2. How high does your head stick out in this thing!?
Damn, keep forgetting the gloves in the M3. My head just tucks in under the a-pillars, the only roadster that I can see straight over in is the Miata (all gens).

Originally Posted by tharaka View Post
Nice car neighbor! Can't wait to see it down the street

Let's gtg with the z's sometime.
Thanks! I actually bought a house last summer, but I'm still quite close (Meadowvale/Sheppard) and visit my parent's place often. I spied an E9x on your driveway the other day, got a new daily? We should definitely meet up with the Z's!

Originally Posted by damameke View Post car
which part of USA did you buy from?(dont mind me asking)
like to know your reason why a z3 and not a z4?

mine.. I preferred the longer design of the Z3

Bought it from Ohio. I never considered the E86 M Roadster as I was never really a fan. It just makes too much sense, I love the ridiculous concept that is the E36/7 S54 (shortened E36 frame, E46 motor, E36 M3 tranny, E30 diff, E30 subframe). It doesn't make any sense, and for a conservative company like BMW this car has great niche appeal. The E86 M was downright predictable, I want shocking. Plus I prefer the styling.

Thanks for all the kind words guys, look out for the first cruise info very very soon. You can all follow this car's fat ass next month.
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