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Originally Posted by cocacola bob View Post
I can say lots Charlie is an excellent technician, he managed to make an estimated time of repair of 2 hours time, I provided the parts for $250 installed. He magically turned it into a roughly $500-$600. Then he gave me the 8 HOURS of fun fun fun in his waiting room while the mechanic who was working on my car got to pull the motor from his eurospec m3 then go back to working on my car then working on some other car. More fun was to be had for the 8 HOURS filled with fun and laughter as other vehicles were coming in going out from the back and then the tow truck driver is sent into the waiting area to ask if I want to sell my car in front of other customers who are coming and going throughout the day. Now the icing on the cake I booked the appointment 2 weeks prior to this glorious day off from work thinking I would be out before lunch I WAS THE FIRST PERSON THERE IN THE MORNING 1ST CUSTOMER BOOKED FOR THE DAY I BROUGHT THE PARTS AND THE LAST PERSON TO LEAVE THE SHOP (it was brakes and valve adjusts E30 shock mounts and a caliper were extra) OH YEAH THE BILL CAME IN AT JUST UNDER $900 YEAH NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Oh and Charlie he was on the internet all day hands didn't get dirty that day. VERY PROFESSIONAL I WANT TO TAKE A DAY OFF WORK FOR A BRAKE JOB AGAIN AND WORRY TOW TRUCK GUY WANTS A PIECE OF MY CAR. WHAT CAN I SAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALOT.
LOL is it such a huge concern of your as to why Charlie didnít get his hands dirty?? Do you know how many years he has been getting his hands dirty?? Itís his shop and has built it from the ground up so if he doesnít want to work that day itís his choice. I have seen him plenty of times drilling away at car so you see him one day not working and oh this is unacceptable. Grow up man this board is full of fu*king babies. Hey the next bimmer meet someone should sell pacifiers. They would make a fortune !!
Its all about rolling in the X5 !!!
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