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Originally Posted by 740-iLL View Post
Hey bud, haven't seen you for a while! Hope all is well and you are ready for some meets this summer
Always From the looks of it you have your car all prep for summer. I am shedding my snows and putting on my style 95 today, wax and shine and hope to change all 12 plugs today too.

Originally Posted by Dammerung View Post
Hi V12,
Do you know if the brake booster is different as well. Im thinking if the 750 has bigger brakes altogether it will probably have a stronger brake fluid pressure. The rear therefore have different calipers aswell?
What is diff: Caliper, carrier, and disc.
I checked the part numbers and the brake booster are the same. Usually there should be a proportioning valve to balance front and rear and the progressiveness of the brakes but I am not sure where this is on th eE38.

E38 5.4L V12
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