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Hey, depending on the short shift kit that you got it may come with a selector rod or just the shorter shifter arm.It should be an OEM fit but sometimes if its the whole package it might have its own bushing style and sizes. A good place to order an OEM equivalent shifter bushing kit is Pelican Parts, they also have a sweet write up on all of it. According to them the Delrin aftermarket bushings are manufactured even more pecisely than the oem for that tight tight feel and will last longer because of non-consumable materials. You will notice a huge difference from the old shifting with both kits, combined with a short shoft kit, make your bmw a way more engaging experience. Whichever you end up purchasing, their DIY is for the win. Keep in mind for easiest and quickest way of getting all this done is jacking the car up to a nice height, removing exhaust and driveshaft.

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