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Guys, Thanks for all the loving comments.(FEELS LIKE FAMILY) I think I'm ok, no physical damage to my body except I don't feel so good right now. Brain seems to wanna jump outta my head, muscles feel a bit weird.

For the accident. JON, I wasn't even going 200KM/H when I got into this accident.(When I zoomed by Randy, It was about 160km/h I admit I was going a bit fast on the straight away but it was around 80km/h when my car started to wobble left and right and before i knew it, the car was drifting. Before I knew it, my front end hit the rail( this was at about 60km/h ). During the time when i was drifting, man, I saw A LOT of things flash in my head. Personal things. I might take life more serious now. I talked to a few people already, IT was most likely the burnouts I've been doing with the car. anyhow, I'm OK and that is the good thing. I don't feel like talking about it right now. Sorry to those who got badluck on this night.

Thanks everyone for caring.

(I know now's not a good time to even think about this but I wonder what will be sleeping in my garage in the near future, any no it's not a CCM mountain bike, I already have one )

Ken (Yes, I'm emotional )

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