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Hey guys, WOW!!
it really blows my mind to see a crusie gone so bad, but i agree that people are overreacting a bit, seein as how NO ONE knows whats going on, some of the comments posted are really not needed!
FIRST OFF, i find it REALLY strange with all the accidents tonight, because i noticed that my car was sliding a little TOO MUCH tonight, and i wasn't sure if it was cause i had my rear suspension stiff (just installed COILOVERS but on the back only, cause i couldn't get to the rest of it in time) and it was unballenced i dunno but my car was sliding a LOTTA of the turns i took!!
I found it VERY weird, and when i read all this i started to trip hard, whatever happened to kenny i hope hes alright either way, and i hope he doesn't get too screwed over for drivin with his G1, was he drivin ALONE?!
Keven Soldo
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