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Well of course I over exaggerated. I don't hold blame over the driver but over the organization that held the race. It's okay to put up fencing and concrete dividers where there are human spectators. They turn a blind eye to this, it's quite a shame. Animals love, animals play, animals care for their children and have some cognitive thought. Do they not?

- although it didn't work out too well for this particular deer-- the local veniso-- er, deer population has a much better chance at survival with a racetrack in this space than with a warehouse complex, or a subdivision, or a highway with you and everybody else driving to work on it... for that matter, possibly even better than a pesticide-perfected golf course, a high traffic ski resort, or shotgun patrolled farmland, though
That wasn't the point I was trying to ensue. That's a socioeconomic problem humans face as well. Those are all variable in everyones life- animal or not.

I'm no tree hugger, but I believe there is an environmentalist and a egalitarian is all of us.

Whatevs- its rainy outside and I feel sorrow deep within.

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