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Originally Posted by PinkieMoscow View Post
That's so sad. Assholes lap time shouldn't count. Animal casualties are no joke. I just hope it died quickly.

Are you for real? How are you going to put this on the driver? He reacted as best he could, did you expect him to pull over and climb the tree and perform CPR?

If you're going to start handing out indictments for this little fella's passing, you have to stop them from racing at speed at all where wildlife might enter the track... certainly nothing more the individual driver could have done without risking his own skin... Furthermore I would hypothesize that-- although it didn't work out too well for this particular deer-- the local veniso-- er, deer population has a much better chance at survival with a racetrack in this space than with a warehouse complex, or a subdivision, or a highway with you and everybody else driving to work on it... for that matter, possibly even better than a pesticide-perfected golf course, a high traffic ski resort, or shotgun patrolled farmland, though they are intuitively more animal friendly.

Sad that he got smoked, but criticizing the driver for not being clairvoyant is pretty absurd. Whatever.
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