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Question Weird tire wear on the wheels...

Hey everybody, we have a 2000 323ci with the optional 17" BMW Wheels.

Now just before winter my girlfriend was driving the car and the tire lost air and wouldn't inflate.
I checked out the tire and found that the tires are wearing down on the inside edges.

The car has the 'factory' bmw sport suspension that was installed by BMW and we didn't do any changes to it. It's time to replace the suspension anyways @ 170k on the car but I don't think this is the cause of the wear.

The wear seems as if the car is really low with too big rims/tires and it's causing the rim/tire to sit on an angle.

Any ideas? I know we had the tires rotated a few months ago so I don't know if the front tires were fine before the rotation and the rear's are causing this or if this is an issue with all four corners of the car.

Are 17" rims too large for this car?

I belive the tire size is 215/45/17

rear tire pics:

front tire pics:

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