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Buy Back / Cost of Maintenance

My lease on my 2008 328i sedan will be up near the end of the year. I have recently started to think about my options for my next ride and would like to seek some opinions.

I have been leasing a few Bimmers now but would like to stay on the more economical side this time around for my next ride. On that note, I am thinking about buying/financing the next vehicle and keep for a while rather than leasing. One of my options is to buy back my current lease, which is at $25K or so. By that time, the car would have about 50K km on it after a 39 month lease term. I think that's an acceptable deal (feel free to comment) but in terms of owning any European cars, I am terrified at the maintenance/repair costs of keeping the car (had bad experience with MB before).

Cany anybody offer any comments regarding reliability and cost of maintenance/ownership as the BMWs get older?

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