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Big Stretch: BMW reveals long-wheelbase 5 Series for China

If there's one thing a Mandarin enjoys, it's being chauffeured. And because China has no small number of the world's Mandarins, BMW has created a long-wheelbase 5 Series exclusively built in and provided for that market. The model is produced in BMW's Shenyang plant, where it's given an extra 5.5 inches for the rear passengers who travel in "luxurious grand touring comfort" due to the rear axle tailored to each model. These CDM specials even get a bespoke rear seat.

Three engines are to be offered in outputs starting at 204 horsepower and going up to 306 hp. You can check out all the info in the presser and videos after the jump, and get good looks at 7 Series-sized 5 Series in our high-res gallery below.

Isn't that what the 7 series was exclusively for?
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