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Red face Info on the mysterious BMW 636 CSi

I got a story to tell...
I've SPOKEN to this "grumpy/loopy" man that owns the place & the 6.
I managed to get his phone number, and although I never got him to answer when I called... he returned my missed calls (via call display) on 2 seperate occasions. I missed the first call, but managed to answer the second. This was in March-April of 2004.

I was shocked to see him call Me, and so I wasn't entirely prepared with a lot of questions. My overall perception of this guy was that he was hard to deal with, and was in NO NEED of selling this car.

If I recall correctly, he said it was an '86 BMW 635CSi, with an automatic transmission. It was all original with a painted grill and a rear spoiler (dealer options). The original mileage on it is just over 6000!! I asked a couple of other questions like "Whats the story with the car?" to which he barked back "there is no story".

--- I'm sorry, but if You have an abandoned dealership with circa-80's decor and pristine collector vehicles, without EVER having anybody around... there's a story. I wasn't looking for a confession of any sort, just a brief, generic explanation as to why these cars have been sitting idle for a decade or 2. ---

Anyways, I managed to squeeze a price out of him for the 635 CSi....... wait for it ...... $75,000 !!!! My heart sank!

I love these cars, but come on, SERIOUSLY?!? This mysterious white ghost will have to go to another admirer as I'm in no fiscal, or mental state to justify that price tag. Might I mention that was practically 6-yrs ago today.

The kicker, EVERYBODY whose EVER driven these timeless sharks KNOWS that the automatic pales in comparison to the manual when it comes to enjoying the Ultimate Driving Machine.

If you want any additional info, contact Me.
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