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LOTS of Good Shops out there

There are lots of good shops out there, just not a lot of them in South Etobicoke (I live at Lakeshore and and Islington, so I'm fairly familiar with the area). Future Shop or Best Buy employ some decent installers, but I've also heard some horror stories, so don't be afraid to ask LOTS of questions about exactly what they'll be doing before they start. Will they be cutting your harness or using a 'Best Kit' for the install? How will they mount your deck into the dash? What parts will they be using?

The Future Shop at Queensway and 427 seems okay- I had a chat with an installer there (big genial black guy) who seemed pretty competent.

If you want to be guaranteed that the job will be done well, I'd recommend ANY of the following, in no particular order, for excellent quality installations;
1- Audio Heaven (Markham)
2- Selective Sound (Mississauga)
3- East Hamilton Radio (Hamilton)
4- Audio Illusion (Oakville)
5- Kromer Radio (Toronto)
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