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Nemdogg : there 18" rims

Danimal: LOL i bought the rims and put them away for a while before i noticed they were on wrong got them put on right few days ago, i felt so stupid i didnt even want to drive the car when i noticed.

Spoony: thanks! went to change the tires to 225/40/18 so looks alot better then before just gotta slam it out now had that car lookin like a monster truck lol

put the clear sidemarkers on and just waiting on the plastic mesh front bumper grill, needs an engine swap forsure! gonna enjoy the car with the engine it has for now ill change minor things like diff maybe. Who knows maybe that fat guy santa claus might surprise me next christmas with an M3 engine and tranny jkz just gotta save up some money .. ill post some pictures up soon as i can!
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