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Originally Posted by hamant View Post
you know what they say... once you go black.... you never go back...

im pretty sure they're talking about brake capilers
I had a girl tell me quite the opposite once, but that's another story for a completely different forum.....

I think black calipers woud be "lost" behind the graphite rims. Since the 330s use larger calipers than the other 3 series (except M3 of course); abotu 30% from what I've seen, many people think I have oversized or racing calipers..... plus, I really like red for calipers (last couple of cars have had red calipers).... apparently so does Ferrari (not comparing; although my bro owns a few), Porsche, Lambo, Brembo, and many others...... seems to be a popular colour for brake calipers..... yellow would not suit the look... Black could work...... Silver NFG. thoughts?
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