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Originally Posted by JdmEuroNorth View Post
Alright, so I have a 1984 bmw 318i and for a while now the trunk just won't open. At first the plunger/lock/key hole(I guess) was working, started stripping down the car put a bunch of parts into the trunk.

Now when I turn the key either way it doesn't unlock, I've tried pretty much every method e30tech, google, this forum and many others have said and no luck. Anyone else run into this problem? Anyone have any suggestions?
A number of things to consider: 1. the cold. if the lock wasn't lubed over the winter it may have seized internally and your lock cylinder is spinning inside.
Do you have central locking. if I am not mistaken your car doesn't as it is an older version e30? Take the key out spray some lube right down into the key hole and then spray the key too and insert. See if this frees it.

I recently removed a trunk mech from mine and when I did a tab broke free. I suspect this tab was responsible for catching the latch to the lock to open. Perhaps this has happened to yours? If the tab breaks off ( cast metal) then I would suspect your lock works fine but it isn't catching the latch?

worse case scenario? bust the lock. screw driver and hammer.

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