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Originally Posted by davericher20 View Post
I don't care about insurance rates, but I got a ticket for 24 over last week. Now I'm gonna be up to 9 points.

do I plead guilty with an explanation? and asked for it to be reduced? If I have 3 priors will they not even bat an eye?
I think (someone please correct me if I am wrong) that if you plead guilty with an explaination, you still get tagged with the points because the actual offense does not get reduced. They just might reduce the fine.

I would plead not guilty. It will cost you a day @ the court house but its worth it. You have a very good chance that they will offer you 15kms over without even an arguement.

Arrive early so the prosecuter can chat with you before the court session. Tell him you are going to plead not guilty because you don't think you were going 24 over.

He should then ask "do you think you were going 15kms over?" Then you say "yes I do". Then he'll say "would you plead guilty to 15kms over in a zone" & you say Yes I would".

Then you repeat the last part in front of the judge when it's your turn.

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