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I got the leased car back....granted that I told him that the car is going back to the dealership in two weeks, I was still expecting a better job. This is especially given that I could have gotten a much better job for the same price from many other places. There were many spots that were not even touched and I can go on and on... at the end I didn't realy care much given that he did a good job in removing the salt from the carpet and that is all I needed to ensure that I don't get dinged by the inspector next week. I did, however, go to see him this morning to point out what I had noticed after leaving in a hurry when I picked up the car yesterday. He did spend another 5-10 minutes cleaning and appologized saying that he was too busy with other things (haa?).

The only reason I went back is to simply gauge his response given that the BM was supposed to be detailed by him next week. I was not happy with his answers and the execuses.

I'm now thinking no way I'm bringing my car close to that shop especially given the business environment there now! It takes one experience and one impression to bring back a cutomer, to bad he lost me as a repeat.
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