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Originally Posted by nonlocal View Post
I did some reading after we talked about this at Downsview, and I believe this is not quite correct. The 2.7 turn z3 rack *does* turn less, but that's not the only reason it's faster. It is just as fast as the '95 M3 rack, but you get less final wheel deflection, hence the quicker lock to lock. So Ideally a '95 M3 rack, but if you are tracking the car a Z3 rack is just as good... if you are doing U-Turns in the city and tight autocross circuits the 3.2 turn e36 rack might be better because you get a tighter turning circle than the z3-- but not quite as quick a ratio. Dig?

I have no solid sources for this on hand but thought I would pipe up anyway.
from what i have been told they are the same racks, just the stops which control total distance traveled are different resulting in 2.7 turn instead of 3.2turns. same speend less distance traveled
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