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Originally Posted by Rockblock View Post
I think I might have test-driven yours ...I got the exact same features and discount on mine, picked it up 10 weeks ago (black on black)...yes they are trying to get rid of current stock and if you configure & order, you will get a 2011 model starting July...2010 production has stopped (at least that's what I was told) discounts on 2011 models (yet)...I tried to knock out the extra PDi + freight, but was unsuccessful...but I can appreciate the $4.5k discount and I love are contis
You probably did Apparently there's lots of 328 inventory sitting on the parking lots this days. I'm down to two colour combinations ... I like the more aggressive black sapphire on Chestnuts ... but my partner seems to enjoy the Monaco blue - Saddle brown more ... that I don't dislike.
We paid a visit to the dealership tonight and my sales person offered me another extra $1000 discount ... Saturday will see who's the winner in the colour battle

I better make a move before the end of the week .. because now I'm getting the crazy idea to go for a 335 model ... ( love the extra kick ) but I've been reading that the car have some reliability issues with the engine ... is that true?

What do you guys think? Should I follow my crazy dream????? Not sure I would be able to get the same discount however ...

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