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Originally Posted by flyzone View Post
Here's the deal, I've been in the market for the past 4 months, looking to replace my lease-end 2007 328i. Had a fun time with this car (5th 3 series i get). The only horrible experience was caused by the Bridgestone RFT tires, a total nightmare after just 14K ...

Anyway, after all the drive tests and other considerations I'm now down to chose between 2 cars .. totally different in some ways but ..

Brand new 2010 BMW328 xi - premium, navigation, metallic colour, steptronic transmission - The dealer is ready to give me $4500 discount to start.

Is that a good discount? Is that because they're expecting the 2011 to arrive so they're trying to sell the inventory?

Aside from been afraid I will run into the same troubles with the RFT tires in this car too, I'm also realizing there's no real difference, especially internally, between the 2010 and the 2007 I own.

The other car was the Audi Q5 - premium trim - $3000 discount and Audi Care included. I really like the new Audi look and the inside and the engine is not bad.

Last consideration .. driving experience .. 328 hands down ..

What are your thoughts?

PS .. Can't afford an X5 and the X3 is out of the picture.
I think I might have test-driven yours ...I got the exact same features and discount on mine, picked it up 10 weeks ago (black on black)...yes they are trying to get rid of current stock and if you configure & order, you will get a 2011 model starting July...2010 production has stopped (at least that's what I was told) discounts on 2011 models (yet)...I tried to knock out the extra PDi + freight, but was unsuccessful...but I can appreciate the $4.5k discount and I love are contis

The more expensive the car, the cheaper the spare parts should be !
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