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Originally Posted by E30 Girl View Post
You are covered durring driving schools through whatever ins you hold. I know a guy who wrote both his cars off durring a driving school one one year and one the next and his ins company paid for the damage on both.
Not entirely true, I can mention a few people who have attended driving schools and did not get covered, even after fighting it in court. Some policies state very clearly, that they do not cover any damage incurred on track, and so on............

However, some don't state anything since it is really a low number of people who actually take their car out, and even less that damage, so some insurance companies don't have that exclusion, if that's the case, then you have a case. But it WILL BE AN UPHILL BATTLE to get money out of an insurance company if something happens on track. It's best to consider that you DON'T have coverage unless you have it in writing from you insurance broker/company, and even then, read the fine print.


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