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Emmerson Insurance Brokers from Port Perry is a sponsor of the Trillium BMW Club of Canada. If you are insured through him, you ARE covered for any incident on track during a Trillium Driving School ONLY!! I want to make this 100% clear and make sure no one misinterprets the coverage. For exact details please contact Larry Emmerson. One other thing he does is he does cover modified cars, engine swaps, turbo add ons, lowered cars etc. A lot of our members have been moving over to Larry because of this. However you need a relatively clean driving record.

In regards to other insurance policies, most state very clearly that they DO NOT cover any on track excursion, some go so far as to state that they don't cover you on track property whatsoever. Please read the fine print. When I was with Allstate, I had them put an inclusion in my policy to cover me on track, and yes I did pay a small premium for that as long as it was a school, or lapping event. They did not cover if it was a race, autocross or regional.

I hope this helps


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