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Hood popped today ! Haven't had time to mess with it much but the car is now on the hoist and underneath it looks great !! No rust ( anywhere ) and there is the following things noted : brakes are fine with about 20K left on the front rotors/pads . Small oil weep from upper front of motor above banjo fitting ( as seen from below) ( WTF is that? external oil pump?)
oil pan cover is missing but the rest of the plastic underneath is intact and in great shape. Front end is tight ( read: replaced at some point) and after running it up and down the driveway a couple of times ( long driveway ) the shifting is smooth and there is no hesitation when shifting . YAY !!!

I am pleased !

P.S. Put $20 of 92 in the tank and the range "jumped" from 40km to 164km !!
made me laugh out loud.
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