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Test fit tomorrow. I'm stupid excited about it since I "have" all the parts to build them in 48 hours. FML.

A little worried because from my calculations the rears are gonna be hard to mill not a flat mounting surface like mine on the GTI... The front however are the same wheels RS 264 :p

My GTI backs...

The others have raised pads making the surface uneven, and therefor harder to mill. It's highly possible but look at it this way.

This is my b/f's Z4 the wheels are 8" wide and et 20.

The rears would poke 1.5" more on his car, now I don't know if E46s and Z4s share exact "recommended" offsets but as you can see by my VW I'm not scared to try.. (oddly enough now my wheel/tire size is standard after all the ney sayers saw it worked) so I expect the worst....

However the front worries me a bit because it would poke 1" more on his Z and I have no idea (as stated earlier) it E46's share the same variables...

It's an issue because if the rear isn't possible with the weird mounting pad, I can't swap them to the front because he test fitted my pink RS' with 17X9 et 14 on his front and said it wouldn't work.. (chime in? A touch to much poke?) Said wheels on my GTI before having them milled...



Sorry it's the best I have.. It IS sucked in a bit but when building modular wheels I have had to re-meausre the offset myself because I swapped faces, milled mounting pads etc. Every MM counts here and it seems to me that no one in the E46 community pushes the envelope so we shall see...

More pics tomorrow...

HOWEVER.... Yes the wheels will be built before hand.. BUT the car will be bagged.... So take that into account...
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