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Audio: Wiring 2 Subs

Hey guys.. I dont know if you remember me talking about my audio setup.. but I finally went with a pair of 10" kenwood "tornado" style subs.

My question is.. what kind of amp should I get?
and how would I wire it? If I get a mono Class D amp... how would I wire that to 2 subs? connect the subs together and wire it as one speaker? Same question but different amp.. If I had a 2 channel amp. Would it be better for me to bridge it, and wire the two subs as one speaker? or should I wire it as two speakers?
any differences in performance from the two different ways?

ALSO.. i'm not very familar with amps...
I have a sub output on my deck, and my amp will be connected to this. NOT THROUGH SPEAKER INPUTS
so would I need a switch to turn the amp on and off?
or will it turn on automatically? or does all this depend on the amp?

Say Wha?
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