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The price you are looking at is very reasonable. I picked up my 2007 335i sedan in November for $40K including taxes. I talked the Sales Manager down from $37 000. to about $34 500 without managing to insult him. It had 59 000km but it was in pristine condition. And loaded!

I learned that they actually paid 39K for it when they bought it from Bmw Lease returns. So even though the dealer has offered $800 off I suspect that they could still come down in price.

One thing I also learned while searching for my perfect bimmer was that the more of that particular model they have per dealership the more anxious to get rid of their stock... For example, before buying at town and country I went to durham bmw to check out their inventory. They still had 7(!) 328 coupes in stock all around 39 000. They offered me a few at an reduced price of $36+ but I knew that I really wanted a 335. They sales manager had the nerve to ask me why i needed 70more hp!!!!! Lol... I don't think he realized i wasn't looking for a car with just a pretty face.

When it all came down to it, my first bmw purchase was great. I probably will never own anything else. I don't regret buying it already certified through BMW, the peace of mind that extra warranty brings is worth the extra bucks. I'm now over the 80k mark as my 335 is a daily driver. But what a daily driver. I am frequently commuting to the city and enjoy every minute i spend behind the wheel.
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