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Originally Posted by Dammerung View Post
They are extremely heavy and IMO the suspension links wear out really fast. My outer tie rods and the center control arms died at 88K and trust me i drive her real careful. My friend whos garage i use to work on my car said they wore out faster due to the low profile tires and rims. Apparantly its harder on the whole suspension system. Anyways i had the similar rocking thing due to the center control arm (large busshing). I changed the whole front end suspension links....noticed the steering felt tighter as well. Id suggest doing a front end rebuild and tighten all the nuts to factory specs...that has to be done when the car is on the ground and not suspended. I believe its 75Nm for the centre arm.
This is true. Bigger wheels and lowering will always add more stress to the rest of the suspension components. That is why I did a COMPLETE suspension upgrade. Now the suspension is very tight and solid.
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