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Well I looked at the car...

After opening the hood I realized the engine was spitting coolant at me

And there it was: coolant was leaking from one of the hoses and the fan was spreading it around. Ha! Typical 540 I thought :d

Needs tires (all 4), alignment since the front tires were not evenly worn.
Seats were in kinda rough shape, tan interior didn't appeal to me at all like I thought it would. Headliner had a hole through the fabric (cigarette burn?)

Needs brakes

Nasty rust around gas cap door.

Couldn't even test drive the car due to the leaking coolant (it was kinda fast too), apparently in happened just today. I met the guy halfway at an esso gas station and I have no idea how he is gonna drive back without running low on coolant. Unless he stops every 4-5 kilometers.

Oh and I saw some coolant around valley pan, I wouldn't be surprised if it needs a valley pan gasket. And who knows what the suspension needs.

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