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I think that taking it off and doing it off the car is the smartest thing to do if you want worry free and long time lasting of your suspension. The only hard part here is the top 19 mm (i think) bolt that sits on the center of the CA. its a hard one and you will need to have enough clearance to do it from the bottom of the car. its really hard to take the old one off and even harder to put the new one on even with the liqiuds. it has to be done properly and allow the car to sit on a even surface for about one hour for each side right after the lolipop-to-CA install, so you need to it one at a time. I have done this alreay and tell you that my suspension and steering (also changed teh tie rods at the same time and aligned it at the tire shop) is perfect, yes perfect, with no issues what so ever on bumps and rough surface. two years now...on a highway its a straight line and never a shimmy, even on breaking. it was worth it to spend the extra on the job doing it off the car. what ever you do, think about the future and safety and the e30!

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