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1991 318i rough idle


i have a 91 318i with 250k km and wanted to know if anyone has had the same problem.

I have a bad/rough idle with my car. a similar thing happened last year and was fixed chaning the O2 sensor and coolant temp sensor. last time the rpm gauge needle would go up and down at times, especially after coming to a stop. I have checked for air hose leaks and dont see anything wrong. I have replaced most of the air hoses, and the ICV is new bmw part and has been cleaned with throtttle body spray.

This time however the rpm needle doesnt act irratic. I just feel that the engine doesnt run perfect on idle. another issue is that on a warm engine, once started, when put into 1st gear it staters and feels its going to die, but with a push of the acc. pedal to over 4000 rpm, the problem goes away, but the idle is still rough with no rise/drop in the rpm needle.

Has anyone seen this before? I am thinking its the MAF sensor as its the original, but dont know how to check this part. everything else works fine, except that when the power windows are used, I feel a drop in engine power as does the rpm needle. also does this on any electrical load that I put on such as the rear def. or the pwr locks. its just a short and brief loss of contious power that is brough back after using the power window or locks.

Any help is appreciated. thanks.

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