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Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
look again; there was no barrel roll issue at all. considering the weight, the center of gravity and the maneuvers it was pulling it was rather impressive.
the car was very responsive. Keep in mind the suspension and undercarriage were redesigned and improved. it doesn't handle like a 70's era car. both cars pushed the envelope on the pre track trials and both cars spun out. or did you miss that part? Enzo car doesn't have 1000+ horsepower either.
Oh come on, they were testing it in an oval... And I didn't miss that part on the beginning but remember what the narrator says, the handling was tested by Chrysler engineers... hmmmmm...

Yeah it doesn't have 70's handling but I bet it's still way inferior handling compared to European cars, like a Bimmer or let alone a million-dollar Ferrari. Put it on a curvy track with not enough straights for it to put its muscle down and I betcha even an E46 M3 would beat it with only 333 bhp only because it could carry more speed through the corners. That's pretty much a drag race car, still very cool though, I just don't like the color, I'd probably get a General Lee orange if I was to purchase one

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