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Originally Posted by 3x Beemer View Post
I was just quoted $2000 by BMW Canada STEELER for DRL, so called inspection and Letter for recalls on a 2005 M3.
To pass the RIV (Canadian Tire) inspection, all you need are:
  • daytime running lights (<$100 from an independent with a GT-1)
  • metric speedometer (can be the smaller #)
  • child tethers (usually ignored)
The only letter you need is the recall and yes, BMW still charges $400-$500 for it but you should be able to get it from a US dealer.

However, the BMW "inspection" at the dealership is required if you wish to maintain your BMW warranty. Otherwise, don't bother.

Hopefully I'll be looking for an M3 that has never seen snow from the US in a few months.
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