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Originally Posted by Ihavenocar View Post
Me and a friend were deciding what the next car was and it came up what car is more rare I argued that there is less nicely modded e30s than nice modded e36's we started listing nice cars but the argument really did'nt get anywhere sooo maybe the maxbimmer input can help decide...

Odd grammer here, I had to re-read this 3 times to figure out exactly what you were asking. I find many more modded e36's out there than e30's. As someone else said earlier in this thread there are way more e36's out there as well. If you're looking simply to mod a car, there is way more out there for e36's, however a cleanly modded e30 is much more rewarding, since there are fewer out there. However, if you're looking for a nicer dd, then e36 wins, if you're looking for a sportster (something you'll use at autocrosses, lapping days, drifto sessions) then e30 is a better chassis. Just depends on what you're looking for..............

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