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Originally Posted by JunzieB View Post
Defend your manhood Anuk, no Honda can do that to your sexy beast!
Let me know if you want to borrow my manly 2.8L bavarian propeller.

I guarantee with that, a honda will never have you feeling like this; ever again.

I are kidding, i are kidding.
LOL!!! My manhood is well in check ...I know my car is slow: sexy beast is a nice way to put it! It's like a soulless supermodel that is great to look at in many ways, but then she ****s like a dead horse!! ~3300lbs with only 225HP FTL But I love it in every other way (driving feel, handling, looks, etc). Straight line speed is not my car's specialty by any means and I'm well aware of that.

I so want to get a ride in that S2K though, I've never been in one and keep hearing about how "go-kart" like they drive!
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